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Designed by Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonca of SimpleFormsDesign, 3DForms is a collection of three-dimensional cork wall tiles that can be arranged to bring a bespoke texture to walls and other vertical surfaces. Made entirely from 100 per cent post-industrial recycled cork, already a sustainable and renewable raw material, 3DForms also captures cork’s unique natural aesthetic for a distinct look.

3DForms tiles are available in different geometrical 3D designs that can be used together to bring a wide range of layout combinations. Ramp, Pyramid, Plain, Porto, Lisboa and Douro are available in 300 x 300mm or 150 x 150mm tiles and in a wide range of colours. With natural cork colours as well as shades like bluemoon, dark, smoke, pearl and terracotta, 3DForms offers extraordinary possibilities.

“Our ability to machine cork blocks using robotic cutting arms has let Alzira and Carlos create something very special in 3DForms,” said Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “The natural properties of cork make this not only a beautiful wallcovering but one that also helps to bring a comfortable atmosphere to interiors. Warm to the touch, incredibly tactile and great at absorbing the noise of conversations; it’s a finish that’s sustainable, looks incredible and which creates a more supportive interior environment.”

To be suitable for use in commercial projects, Granorte has finished 3dForms with its proprietary Corkguard protection. Aiding stain-resistance and making the wall tiles easy to wipe down, it ensures that 3DForms can be used in environments such as hotels, restaurants and offices.

3D Forms is part of Granorte’s Delivering Nature collection of high-design cork products. Among a selection of wall and floor products, as well as sanitary ware, furniture and lighting; it marks the Portuguese family company as an innovator finding new ways to create eco-friendly interiors from cork.

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Main image credit: Granorte

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